Security Link Limited

Security link ltd is a general recruitment company recognized by Ministry of Labor Uganda and founded in 2009. The business provides security services and other job opportunities in all avenues for our heavily unemployed Ugandans. We focus in external deployment in all neighbouring countries and beyond like United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan, Qatar, Australia, Credestan and all other countries with available opportunities. The business is divided into two divisions, namely General Recruitment for external deployment and security services for establishments. Our choice of business is promising due to the increased public safety and security awareness, the general economic upswing and not least the current terrorist activities. Security link limited grows its employee base of security services and other job opportunities in all avenues carefully based on client contracts.

Our Mission

To exploit opportunities in the labor export industry


If you want to prosper for one year, grow corn. If you want to prosper for ten years, grow trees. If you want to prosper for a life time grow people.


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Security link ltd provides recruitment services in labor externalization under Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development. Security ltd has adopted specific corporate values that are the yardstick by which we conduct all of our business operations. These values let our clients know what they can expect from Security Link ltd.



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